, NXP Brings Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® to the Masses with its New Immersiv3D Audio Solution
, NXP Brings Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® to the Masses with its New Immersiv3D Audio Solution

Intel Opens ‘The Smartest Building in the World’; Israel’s PTK1 Creates 50TB of Data Daily

What’s New: Intel in September unveiled its new highly efficient development center in Petach Tikva, Israel. The 800,000-square-foot, 11-story building named PTK1 unites 2,000 employees, who had been scattered in eight buildings across five campuses. Intel’s new development center is the smartest one around: PTK1 independently runs its various systems and functions, accumulating data, processing it and using artificial intelligence (AI) to make decisions.

“Intel’s new PTK1 building is all about the employee experience. Leveraging the smart platform created and its countless capabilities, the building automatically adapts itself and its systems to provide the ultimate work setting for our teams, stimulating teamwork, creativity and inspiration. Ultimately, it enables our teams to continue designing the best technologies and products to fuel Intel’s data-centric strategy.”
–Yaniv Garty, Intel vice president and general manager of Intel Israel

How It’s Different: Intel’s leaders have labeled PTK1 “the smartest building in the world.” It includes 14,000 sensors – compared with 7,000 in other high-tech buildings – that monitor or control lighting, temperature, ventilation, parking, conference room availability and other building services and systems that enable and foster smart innovation.

Every day, PTK1 produces 50 to 100 terabytes of data — information that is analyzed in real time by an Intel-based building management system. With no human intervention, Intel’s new development center accumulates information, processes it and uses AI to make decisions and adjust various systems based on different parameters.

Why It’s Important: Intel’s new LEED Platinum building in Petach Tikva is all about the employees’ experiences, using AI to promote teamwork, creativity and inspiration. The new development center in Petach Tikva hosts 2,000 employees working in computing, communication, AI and cybersecurity. They develop the technologies and products that form the foundation for a data-centered world.

Where It Fits: The development center joins Intel Israel’s other development hubs in Haifa and Jerusalem, and the manufacturing site in Kiryat Gat.


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