, Formula E in Paris: Audi drivers brave April weather
, Formula E in Paris: Audi drivers brave April weather

European semiconductor sales keep the pace in May

Sales on the European semiconductor market have been slightly weaker in May compared to the previous month, the European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA) reported based on the latest WSTS figures.

This pattern is in line with seasonal behaviour.
European sales in May reached US$ 3.364 billion, a 0.4% decrease from April. On a worldwide basis, semiconductor sales in May 2019 were US$ 33.057 billion, up 1.9% versus the previous month.

All growth figures represent a three-month rolling average.

In May, the biggest growth in Europe was registered in the sensor category, and – within the memory market – DRAMs. Remarkable growth was also registered worldwide for application-specific chips: sales of semiconductor devices designed for automotive, communication, consumer and computer applications all grew steadily in May over April.
Euro / Dollar exchange rate effects were still visible in May, albeit with a softer impact on the European sales picture compared to the previous months. Measured in Euro, semiconductor sales were 2.992 billion Euros in May 2019, flat versus the previous month and a decrease of 1.6% versus the same month a year ago. On a year-to-date basis, semiconductor sales increased by 0.8%

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