, Formula E in Paris: Audi drivers brave April weather
, Formula E in Paris: Audi drivers brave April weather

India’s Lohia Group announces acquisition of Light & Strong Limited

The Lohia Group today marked its entry into the Aerospace and Defense sector with the acquisition of Israel-based Light & Strong Limited. Specializing in aerospace and military carbon fibre and glass fibre composite components production, the firm’s established pedigree in military technology manufacturing is a synergistic fit with Lohia Group’s decades long expertise in large scale manufacturing across sectors.

Light & Strong, specializing in aerospace and military carbon fibre and glass fibre composite components, has an established customer base in Israel including the Israeli Ministry of Defense among others. The acquisition allows Lohia Group to dovetail its considerable engineering experience with cutting edge technologies and deliver high quality products and services to its customers. The Group aims to become the leading supplier of choice for global OEMs in the aerospace and defense sector.

With its operations in India supporting its Israeli facilities, the Group now embarks on its objective of making Israel a key export hub to the American and European markets. With these facilities serving as a strategic base for customers in those markets, the Group will utilize Israel’s well-known prowess in aerospace R&D and engineering to leverage its expertise globally.

The Indian facility will be based out of Kanpur in northern India and will be part of the State government’s defense corridor, as proposed by the Hon’ble Indian Prime Minister. Being part of this corridor, the Group expects to receive strong support from the Government, which would further strengthen its already impressive technology and manufacturing credentials. With this, Lohia Group also establishes India as an exporter for customized composite products, beginning with Israel. All existing customers will now also be ably supported from the Group’s India facilities.

Mr. Anurag Lohia, Director – Lohia Group, stated, “We look forward to establishing a firm international footprint and further growing new markets through this acquisition. We believe this marks the beginning of our growth in this sector on a global scale. We will continue to look at other synergistic opportunities in this space towards our aim to be a key participant in the global defense and aerospace domain.”

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