Electric motors on the rise

The electrification of drives is gaining speed. For years, car manufacturers all over the world have been working with hybrid and all-electric vehicles, however a most recent trend is that electric high-performance drives, originating from motorsport technology are gaining increased relevance for the design and development of production vehicles.

Nearly all leading manufactures consider cobalt-iron alloys in their development approaches – whether to explore the limits of what is technically possible or to get to know the entire range of the product market. VACODUR® and VACOFLUX® continue to be the leading solution for highly efficient electric motors.

In combination with rare-earth magnet systems, these materials enable a torque, i.e. performance increase of approx. 50 % compared to conventional materials or a weight reduction with constant performance. Motor performance and efficiency can be adapted specifically.

Current developments are targeting an improvement of the product portfolio with associated cost neutrality and process-optimized alloys. This brings the use of premium products closer to the use in production vehicles.

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