, O&O Baukunst wins competition to redesign Siemensstadt Berlin
, O&O Baukunst wins competition to redesign Siemensstadt Berlin

Device Protection, Management and Secured OTA

  • NanoLock’s platform is the world’s leading solution for protecting¸ securing and managing IoT and connected devices’ during their entire lifecycle.

From embedded to cloud¸ NanoLock Security provides the industry’s only lightweight¸ unbreakable¸ low-cost security and management solution for connected edge devices.

, O&O Baukunst wins competition to redesign Siemensstadt Berlin

picture: The NanoLock Security Team, in the middle Erez Kreiner Former
Head of Israel’s’ Cyber Security Authority

Using virtually zero computing and power resources¸ NanoLock Security protects firmware and sensitive information stored on connected IoT devices¸ preventing attacks ranging from ransomware to malicious manipulation of stored code.
NanoLock prevents overwriting¸ modification¸ manipulation erasure and attacks on firmware¸ boot image applications executables¸ and configuration in all connected and IoT devices. NanoLock protects the device’s entire lifecycle¸ from provisioning¸ through operations and firmware updates¸ and even after the device’s end of life.

NanoLock’s MoT (Management of Things) platform updates¸ controls and monitors connected devices and includes robust features for monitoring device security¸ device to cloud integrity¸ self-provisioning¸ version management¸ attack detection and alerts.

We met Eran Fine¸ CEO and co-founder of NanoLock¸ to learn more about the company solutions:

Why did you found NanoLock and who are your main cofounders?   

We founded NanoLock to solve a fundamental problem in the connected IoT device market. My fellow co-founder Erez Kreiner served as Director of Israel’s National Cyber Security Authority for more than five years and was responsible for preventing cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure. We realized, as billions of IoT devices emerge, this was an underserved market and the need to secure them from embedded to cloud and production to end-of-life and beyond is crucial.

What is the fundamental problem NanoLock’s technology is solving?

NanoLock’s technology addresses the market’s most pressing need to provision, protect, manage and securely update connected and IoT devices from the production line until its end-of-life and from the embedded layer out to the cloud.

Is there any change in attack vectors of IoT products? Or, with more connected devices, are there new threats emerging? 

There’s been a lot of buzz about the Meltdown and Spectre bugs that exposed vulnerabilities in billions of IoT devices. There’s been DDoS attacks that have come from unsecured IoT devices like security cameras. Right now, IoT devices are an easy gateway for hackers to infiltrate organizations’ security.

What do you see as the major trends in IoT and connected devices?                                                                               

There’s a need to not only protect and secure devices, but also manage these connected devices. There will be a convergence of security and management for IoT devices and only then will these devices be truly secure.

How do you see the cloud and IoT influencing each other?     

There is a need for the device side to trust commands and data coming from the cloud and for the cloud to trust information from the device side. It’s critical for the cloud to trust the device to avoid both vulnerabilities explotation as well as feeding the cloud with the wrong data.

What are the challenges in securing IoT devices in today’s market?       

There’s no one solution and many vendors are sacrificing the device’s performance for security. As vendors introduce embedded IoT security, they add latency and power consumption. What’s needed is a lightweight, unbreakable solution and that’s what NanoLock is providing to the market.

How is your approach to securing IoT devices different from other solutions on the market?       

NanoLock provides a holistic approach to securing IoT devices. Our security solution provides comprehensive lightweight, unbreakable security and management purpose-built for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Devices ecosystem. Our company’s low-cost layered offering delivers a combination of cyber and cyber-physical protection, securing devices from the embedded layer out to the cloud.

Why is your technology platform different? Explain the tenets of your solution.           

NanoLock’s Security platform protects the device’s entire lifecycle from provisioning through operations and firmware updates, and even after the device’s end-of-life. Specially, NanoLock’s three-pronged approach prevents overwriting, modification, manipulation erasure and attacks on firmware, boot image, applications, executable and configuration in all connected and IoT devices and has a software platform to manage security and updates.

What industries will benefit most from deploying NanoLock’s security platform?         

NanoLock’s technology was developed specifically for cloud providers, operators and OEMs. The platform is currently being piloted by several large customers in the U.S., Japan, Korea and Europe in a range of applications, such as automotive and connected cars, smart meters, and ICs and routers.

Why will your company succeed?         

We have an experienced executive team with deep experience in not only security, but firmware, connected devices and expertise and relationships in key vertical markets, including telecommunications, automotive and others.

Why is Israel becoming a hot bed for security companies?           

Isral takes all security seriously and the Israel’s National Cyber Security Authority is one of best incubators of talent. Our co-founder Erez Kreiner led the department for more than 5 years and has seen many innovations in security have come from that organization. There’s a number of start-ups in Israel that received their start from the Israeli government – from homeland security to cyber security.


  • , O&O Baukunst wins competition to redesign Siemensstadt Berlin

    Eran Fine¸ CEO and co-founder
    of NanoLock

    Eran Fine¸ CEO and co-founder of NanoLock¸is an entrepreneur and senior manager with more than 18 years of international experience in founding¸ managing and leading high-tech companies. Previously¸ Eran was the Founder and CEO of OREE¸ which was subsequently sold to Juganu. Eran also served as CEO of MOBILSPEAR¸ and was a consultant for the nanotechnology centers of Tel Aviv University and the University of Tsinghua (Beijing). Eran is the author of 22 patents

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