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Vicor Extends 48V Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulators Family

Vicor has extended the Cool-Power 48V ZVS 20A Buck Regulator portfolio by releasing the PI3523-00-LGIZ (PI3523). The PI352x family offers 20A solutions complementing the previously released 10A 48VIN PI354x family, enabling scalable power options for 48V direct to point-of-load (PoL) applications.  The PI3523 is a 48VIN, 3.3VOUT nominal Buck Regulator capable of supplying up to 22A. This family of regulators enables 48VIN to 20A point-of-load voltages spanning 2.2VOUT – 14VOUT.

Compact Size Delivering Twice the Power
Offering all the same industry leading features of Vicor’s existing 48V Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulators, the PI352x portfolio extends performance by delivering twice the power of the PI354x regulators using only a 40% larger package. The PI3523 requires only an output inductor and minimal passives for a complete cost effective design that consumes less than 740 mm2 of PCB space.  Designed to be easily paralleled in combinations of up to three regulators, the PI352x regulators can be scaled to support higher current loads.

Announced today and existing:

Part NumberPackageInput Voltage RangeNominal Output VoltageCurrent
PI3523-00-LGIZ*10×14 mm30 – 60V3.3V22A
PI3525-00-LGIZ10×14 mm30 – 60V5.0V20A
PI3526-00-LGIZ*10×14 mm30 – 60V12V18A
PI3542-00-LGIZ10×10 mm3660V2.5V10A
PI3543-00-LGIZ10×10 mm3660V3.3V10A
PI3545-00-LGIZ10×10 mm3660V5.0V10A
PI3546-00-LGIZ10×10 mm3660V12V9A

                  Table 1: Items in green are newly released products

The PI352x family addresses the growing need for 48V direct-to-PoL solutions in many applications including lighting, communications, automotive equipment, and datacenter applications. The Cool-Power ZVS Regulators are focused on high power density and high efficiency while delivering ease of use. The end result is first pass design success with best-in-class performance.



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