, ams Enables Homeless to Change their Lives through Football
, ams Enables Homeless to Change their Lives through Football

FRAMOS Solutions Now Include Intel’s® RealSense™ Technology Product Line – Making Machines Truly See and Think

Munich, September 20 – FRAMOS Group, a global supplier of imaging products, custom vision solutions and OEM services, announced today it has been appointed as a global approved supplier for the Intel® RealSense™ technology product line. This line is dedicated to Intel® RealSense™ technology which adds human like sensing and intelligence to devices and machines. The technology enables applications in the growing fields of virtual and augmented reality, mobile products and other segments benefiting from adding sense to make the experience better.

Under this agreement, FRAMOS will offer the entire Intel® RealSense™ technology portfolio including its Intel® RealSense™ Vision Processor, Depth Modules and Depth Cameras – all supported with the latest Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2.0. FRAMOS will serve its global network of imaging clients, OEMs and camera manufacturers with this revolutionary technology.

“The Intel® RealSense™ technology products perfectly fit to FRAMOS’ mission: We enable our customers to make their machines see and think” says Dr. Andreas Franz, CEO of FRAMOS. “The Intel® RealSense™ technology product line is an excellent suite of components which lets machines make situational decisions. When integrated, any device will have the ability to naturally and intuitively interact with its environment. We are extremely proud to offer Intel’s® RealSense™ technology products and to enable our customers to benefit better and faster from the major shift into intelligent devices and machines. When it comes to drones, robots, VR, automotive, surveillance and 3D applications, the Intel® RealSense™ line is an optimal completion to our portfolio of imaging solutions ranging from sensors to systems.”

The Intel® RealSense™ cameras, containing a vision processor and depth module in a small form factor, provide stereo depth sensing capability, giving devices and machines a more realistic view of the world. Intel® RealSense™ tracking modules comprehend device position and orientation, providing the ability to navigate, map and learn the environment. Intel hardware and software platforms enable the next evolutionary step of “smart” devices and machines.

A FRAMOS Imaging Experts Academy webinar will feature Intel’s® RealSense™ Technology on October 26, 10 am EST / 4 pm GMT+1. Intel’s® Miroslav Mlejnek will outline the technical innovations and the combination of passive/ active stereo camera technology and SLAM tracking modules to realize advanced solutions. Registration for the free webinar is now available:

For more information on Intel’s® RealSense™ technology products please visit: www.framos.com/en/intel-realsense

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