, Driving Performance on land and on water: Stronger and lighter: the eleventh boat from Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing sets new benchmarks through extensive use of carbon-fibre
, Driving Performance on land and on water: Stronger and lighter: the eleventh boat from Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing sets new benchmarks through extensive use of carbon-fibre

Europe’s largest innovation platform STARTUP AUTOBAHN launches its third 100-day program in Stuttgart

Stuttgart. Europe’s largest innovation platform – STARTUP AUTOBAHN – is about to kick-off its third round. 500+ startups were screened for the program and 34 startups were accepted into Program 3 starting on 25th September.

STARTUP AUTOBAHN is about facilitating joint projects between young tech companies and established corporations

In the upcoming batch, young tech companies – with the combined strength of now 10 corporate partners – will work on joint projects at ARENA2036 technology laboratory and showcase their results on Expo Day taking place on February 2018. The following startups from the US, Canada, UK, Norway, Finland, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been offered the opportunity to validate and pilot their technologies on a neutral platform, moderated by Plug & Play within a three-month program: Acerta, Actronika, Affectiva, Arctic Coating, AVA, Bleenco, blik, CarbonTT, CARTO, Celonis, Cirrantic, CollectiveCrunch, Cybus, FlexeGRAPH, GBatteries, HD Vision Systems, LexaTexer, meSchup, NÜWIEL, PlugSurfing, Prewave, Quantitec, Smoope, Snips, Tactotek, Toposens, ZeroLight, WayRay, Cotractus, Resin.io, High Mobility, FluentAI and ProcessGold.

The focus of joint projects includes e-mobility, human-machine interface, supply chain logistics as well related themes in field of vehicle tech (CASE), vehicle services (fintech/insurtech), enterprise processes (HR/Retail), future of production and industry 4.0.

Neutral innovation platform – the best way for startups to get in business with our corporate partners

STARTUP AUTOBAHN was founded by Daimler, Plug & Play, University of Stuttgart, and ARENA2036. New founding anchor partners are Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology, BASF, Porsche, ZF Friedrichshafen and Deutsche Post DHL Group. Murata, BENTELER and HELLA contribute as Ecosystem Partners to the innovation platform. STARTUP AUTOBAHN is open for further corporate partners as well believing in open doors, disruptive thinking, and the sharing of ideas, technology, and connections to help startups and corporates thrive faster.

Perfect working conditions tailored to startups’ needs

The entrepreneurs in the third program are offered the ideal working environment. In the space of the ARENA2036 technology laboratory on the University of Stuttgart campus startups are able to use co – working space and have moderated access to high- tech hardware worth millions of euros. The ideal working conditions to help execute successful pilot projects and to implement and test their technologies with one or several industry partners within the three month program.


STARTUP AUTOBAHN is the ultimate innovation platform that unites global young tech companies with the unrivalled tech expertise of Silicon Valley and the best of German engineering. We are a neutral innovation platform moderating an in-depth and curated collaboration between our partners from the industry and young tech companies also considering and supporting key success factors like cultural mindset change within legacy corporations. Our network of investment firms and mentors further helps the growth of tech companies. Our home is Stuttgart – the birthplace of the automobile, one of the leading IP regions of the world, and a hub of business, engineering, and groundbreaking inventions. A total of 41 startups graduated from the innovation platform with more than 70 pilot projects so far.


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