NXP Launches New Java Card-based Operating System to Expand Multi-Application Services in the Secure Identification Market

Next generation Java Card OS (JCOP) provides higher security and more flexibility for developing and integrating convergence solutions covering identity and payment on smart cards

 NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI) today launched its latest Java Card Operating System, JCOP3, for secure identification applications. Customers can benefit from a multi-solution platform with higher security and flexibility, as well as the ability to integrate their own applets and personalization solutions, while accelerating time-to-market. Coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of the Java Card Forum, the launch of JCOP3 is part of NXP’s comprehensive offering that marks a new level of convenience for the identification market and underscores the continuous innovation in Java Card technology.

“NXP’s launch of JCOP3 significantly contributes to advancing Java Card technology. It reinforces NXP’s position as a trusted partner and industry leader across a broad range of markets that rely on this ubiquitous programming language for eGovernment, banking, public transport, and mobile applications,” said Rafael Sotomayor, senior vice president and general manager of the secure transactions and identification business at NXP. “We look forward to continuing our support for the Java Card Forum and Java Card developments with our expertise and ability to meet the growing demand for secure and flexible solutions in the era of IoT.”

In a world of connected things, an increasing number of contactless applications and an all-time high of security attacks, there is an increasing demand for solutions that harmonize security, flexibility, and convergence — without sacrificing any of these capabilities. NXP’s latest JCOP3 product is based on the SmartMX2 microcontroller platform and offers both EMVCo and Common Criteria certification Features such as NXP’s unique SecureBox solution allow customers to develop native functionality that seamlessly runs on the JCOP3 platform with outstanding performance. NXP also collaborates with numerous partners who offer a reliable and proven eGovernment Suite.

Building upon NXP’s successful and field-proven JCOP2 product family, NXP’s JCOP is optimized for fast, highly secure and flexible identification solutions, making it the Java Card-based operating system of choice.

NXP’s JCOP product family delivers outstanding features and performance as one of the most used Java Card–based operating systems in government programs around the world. More than a billion units have been sold for payment and government applications to more than 80 customers in 50 different countries, making Java the preferred programming language for secure multi-application smart cards.

20th Anniversary of Java Card Forum

NXP has been a member of the Java Card Forum for more than ten years and joins in the celebration to mark Java Card Forum’s twentieth anniversary. NXP collaborated with the forum on the first JCOP development with Java Card Forum IC technology in the early 2000s. NXP has also been leading the technical committee as well and driving the technical specification work for over five years. During this period, the Java Card specification 3.0.5 was successfully released. The Java Card specification 3.1, covering IoT requirements, will be released next year.

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