, Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC and Manchester City Bring Immersive Experiences to Fans with Intel True View
, Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC and Manchester City Bring Immersive Experiences to Fans with Intel True View

NXP S32V Processor for Vision and Machine Learning Applications Now Available

S32V processor enhanced with Vision SDK and expanded ecosystem enablement partners

Offers powerful GPU for surround view image stitching and offloads advanced vision processing and machine learning algorithms to APEX-2 engines
Robust sensor fusion solution with multiple layers of functional safety and security
High-performance per power envelope (GHz/mW) for low power ADAS vision processing, for adding additional capabilities within the same system environment
NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ:NXPI) today announced the full availability of the NXP S32V processor along with complementary S32 Design Studio IDE enablement to simplify and accelerate the deployment of ADAS vision and neural network solutions in automotive, transportation and industrial applications.

Success in the race to fully autonomous level-5 vehicles will depend on how accurately a car can interpret its surroundings with the fusion of vision and sensor data. Systems such as the NCAP front camera and surround view, which the S32V processor is designed for, will also have the ability to locate, identify, track and classify multiple objects simultaneously.

Neural networks and machine learning are critical to develop autonomous vehicles since they will need to adapt to changing environments and adverse conditions. These technologies are being deployed into multiple industries to identify speech, recognize objects, understand behavior and predict events. As processing scales to meet the needs of autonomous driving, designers will need architectural flexibility to add differentiation and provide clear safety certification that S32V processors provide.

The S32V Processor

Meets the needs of autonomous vehicle development with its blend of safety fusion and high performance processing using NXP’s second generation APEX-2 vision accelerators.
Includes dual APEX-2 engines with 128 parallel computational vector units that process image data faster and at lower power than traditional GPU based solutions.
APEX-2 engines are easily programmed using APEX-CV library for computer vision algorithms.
Included in the Vision SDK are APEX-CV base level and APEX-CV pro library algorithms as Canny, ORB, Harris, HOG, Gaussian, Hough and other detection algorithms to simplify development.

“The launch of the S32V processor provides a dedicated solution for vision processing and machine learning to a wide range of automotive and industrial customers,” said Paul Lee, global distribution marketing manager for NXP’s Automotive Microcontroller and Processors Business Line. “We look forward to the next generation of innovative applications that design engineers will develop with our Vision SDK and software enablement tools.”


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