, Driving Performance on land and on water: Stronger and lighter: the eleventh boat from Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing sets new benchmarks through extensive use of carbon-fibre
, Driving Performance on land and on water: Stronger and lighter: the eleventh boat from Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing sets new benchmarks through extensive use of carbon-fibre

Ovum launches new Forecaster product and expands research services and staff

Today Ovum has launched Forecaster, a new data tracking and forecasting product, that enables better strategic decision-making by delivering a complete view of the converging telecommunications, media, and technology (TMT) markets. This new cloud based service can be accessed through Ovum’s online Knowledge Center and new APIs and will deliver historical market data, company KPIs and over 130 forecasts for 2,500 service providers in over 220 territories. Forecaster’s continuously updated proprietary data set is built and maintained by Ovum’s global team of 150 expert analysts and consultants. In addition, Ovum announced expanded research capabilities with new services and the hiring of a new Global Research Director and several key additions to its analyst staff.

Forecaster: the most powerful TMT market data and forecasting service

Companies in the rapidly changing TMT industry rely on accurate and up-to-date market data and forecasts when making both strategic and go-to-market decisions. With billions of dollars of investment in play, business leaders face the challenge of obtaining trusted data that provides a full view of the converging TMT market and then integrating that forecast data into their strategic and operational planning.

Responding to this need, Ovum has created Forecaster, the industry’s most powerful market data and forecasting service with more than 140 different metrics embedded into global, integrated forecasts that deliver a unique consolidated view across the converging digital space. Forecaster has been designed to help organizations achieve competitive advantage while saving them time and mitigating risk. It will enable digital service providers to develop better strategies around not only those services, technologies and markets that are in growth, but also to more proactively identify and handle areas in decline or under substantial competitive pressure.

Companies like Spotify are already benefiting from Ovum’s forecasts and expert insights.  “Spotify was faced with the challenge of prioritizing the emerging markets around the globe in terms of each country’s total addressable market” stated Will Page, Spotify’s Director of Economics.  “Ovum’s forecasts enabled us to get past the noise and distortion in these markets and make the best strategic decisions on international expansion.”

“The reaction from our customers to the new Forecaster product has been fantastic”, stated Martin Schecter, Ovum’s Head of Product Management.  “Forecaster for the first time will provide customers with a top-down and bottom-up integrated view of the services market across mobile, fixed line, and TV.  Our customers have been asking for such a flexible way to view our data. Additionally, along with the unmatched depth and breadth of historical and forecast data across the TMT market, our customers are impressed with how quickly and easily Forecaster provides access to critical data.  With the newly introduced API, Forecaster can be connected directly to the customer’s data warehouses, providing them with additional flexibility and insights.”

Ovum launches new research services and grows global analyst team

Ovum has also enriched its market research offering in terms of both the services offered and the global analyst team that delivers Ovum’s data, research and consulting services. Based on market feedback, Ovum has organized its research around eight themes:

Service Provider Markets https://ovum.informa.com/products-and-services/data-services/ovum-forecaster-suite/forecaster-service-provider-markets expert guidance on the strategies for success in rapidly changing markets, as regulation and new digital disruptors drive adoption, growth, and competition between new and existing services.

Service Provider Technology https://ovum.informa.com/products-and-services/data-services/ovum-forecaster-suite/forecaster-service-provider-technology – insight, analysis and data exploring service provider adoption and spending on the core technologies enabling the delivery of new consumer and enterprise services.

Enterprise Services https://ovum.informa.com/products-and-services/data-services/ovum-forecaster-suite/forecaster-enterprise-services analyst insight and market data to help service providers profit from the migration of traditional on-site enterprise ICT to managed and cloud delivery models.

Enterprise Verticals https://ovum.informa.com/products-and-services/data-services/ovum-forecaster-suite/forecaster-enterprise-verticals – expert analysis of the business issues and challenges that drive investment in software and services in key vertical industries including Financial Services, Payments, Government, Higher Education and Healthcare as organizations transform their IT, products, services and business models.

Consumer & Entertainment Services https://ovum.informa.com/products-and-services/data-services/ovum-forecaster-suite/forecaster-consumer-and-entertainment-services – intelligence to help service providers and brands capitalise on the transformation of an ever-growing array of consumer services by social, mobile, video and data-driven technologies.

Internet of Things https://ovum.informa.com/products-and-services/data-services/ovum-forecaster-suite/forecaster-internet-of-things – expert insight to help organizations develop agile strategies that target the IoT market including evaluations of the newest approaches to IoT business models and partnerships.

Information Technology – unique insight into the business trends driving digital transformation, the capabilities of solution vendors, and the spending intentions of technology buyers including comprehensive share of wallet and spending data.

Enterprise Decision-Maker – intelligence on disruptive technology trends and guidance on designing appropriate architectures and roadmaps and then selecting the most suitable technology solutions.

“Accelerating innovation and profound business disruption has made the traditional boundaries between telecommunication, media, and technology increasingly irrelevant”, states Nicole Engelbert, Director of Research & Analysis.  “The rules have changed and the firms most likely to thrive in this new era will take a global perspective on their business that cuts across enterprise and consumer markets and considers a greatly expanded and unpredictable set of competitors, technologies, and regulatory requirements.  Ovum, with its inherently global view and depth across the TMT sector, is uniquely positioned to support our customers as they embark on this transformation journey.”

Ovum has expanded its research team with the appointment of Brad Hecht as Global Research Director and the addition of new analysts across the globe.  Brad Hecht brings extensive experience in the research and analysis industry having worked for 20+ years in leadership positions at the Reputation Institute, CEB (Corporate Executive Board), Yankee Group and Gartner Group.  Brad was also the vice president and general manager at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was responsible for expanding MIT’s content strategy, including working with MIT’s Technology Review magazine and the creation of its Internet media property.

“Ovum is very excited to have Brad join our team”, stated Aneil Rakity, Ovum’s President & Managing Director.  “He brings a fresh perspective on how Ovum can deliver even more pertinent and timely research and is a welcome addition to both our global and our US leadership team.”

Further recent additions have been made to the Ovum analyst team in key growth areas for our clients:

Market Data and Intelligence

  • Harry Booth https://ovum.informa.com/analysts-and-events/meet-the-team/harry-booth – Senior Forecaster based in London, UK. Harry has a strong background in finance, M&A, tax advisory, and modeling. He builds effective models for forecasting in the TMT space, presenting Ovum’s analytical capabilities to clients and ensuring a robust output. Prior to joining Ovum in 2017, Harry worked as an economic analyst at ONS and as a tax advisor in the Transaction Tax team at EY.
  • David Kennedy https://ovum.informa.com/analysts-and-events/meet-the-team/david-kennedy  – Practice Leader based in Melbourne, Australia. David leads Ovum’s Service Provider research agenda in the Asia-Pacific region, providing specific insight and analysis on Asian telecoms issues. His specialties include telecoms regulation, wholesale markets, and consumer markets.
  • Upin Dattani https://ovum.informa.com/analysts-and-events/meet-the-team/upin-dattani – Principal Financial Analyst based in London, UK. Upin is the point of contact for Ovum’s financial analysis and KPIs. He oversees financial data sets across Ovum’s product portfolio. He also manages the World Telecoms Financial Benchmarks (WTFB) financial analysis and benchmarking products and analyzes the telecoms and digital media value chain.

Service Provider Technology

  • Stephanie Gibbons https://ovum.informa.com/analysts-and-events/meet-the-team/stephanie-gibbons – Principal Analyst focused on SDN/NFV based in Boston, MA. Stephanie specializes in service providers’ network upgrade strategies. She joined Ovum in 2017 and focuses on network functions virtualization (NFV), software-defined networking (SDN), and NFV management and orchestration (NFV MANO). Stephanie leverages more than 12 years of analytical experience in the technology industry to provide actionable insight and analysis in syndicated and custom engagements.
  • Jaimie Lenderman https://ovum.informa.com/analysts-and-events/meet-the-team/jaimie-lenderman – Senior Analyst in the Next-Generation Infrastructure team based in Austin, TX. Jaimie provides support and insight to key audiences, with quarterly market share analysis and forecasts, annual forecasts, vendor profiles, and specialized consulting projects. Jaimie’s key research topic areas include PON, P2P, FTTx, DSL, G.fast, CMTS/CCAP, DOCSIS, and next-generation capabilities. Prior to joining Ovum, she worked as a broadband infrastructure and customer premise equipment analyst at IHS Markit and held roles in the public policy and new home construction sectors.

Enterprise Services and Verticals

  • Brian Washburn https://ovum.informa.com/analysts-and-events/meet-the-team/brian-Washburn  – Practice Leader, Network and Cloud Services, Enterprise based in Boston, MA.  Brian’s practice tracks service providers’ solutions, operations, and go-to-market strategies and aims to help service providers and enterprises harness the fundamental industry shifts to virtualization and automation effectively. Brian previously led the global enterprise IT and network services practice for Current Analysis, advising service providers on competitive strategies and best practices. In this role, he produced a wide range of syndicated analysis and custom projects for clients, including network, cloud, IT, and managed services providers.

Joyce Kim https://ovum.informa.com/analysts-and-events/meet-the-team/Joyce-Kim – Education Analyst based in New York, NY. Joyce conducts primary and secondary research on how higher education institutions use technology. Her role includes writing analyst reports, forecasting IT expenditures across the field of higher education, and providing advising and consulting services to technology vendors. She came to Ovum with six years of higher education experience in course development, research, and teaching. She has also worked as a copywriter and editor in the travel and tech sectors

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