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, Innovative climate action – introducing the first credit card with a carbon spending limit

Efficacy to Improve Premium Indoor Lighting

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced digital component solutions, today announced the launch of the “Q-series,” a new line-up of LED linear modules for use in premium indoor luminaire applications where an exceptionally high level of light efficacy* is required.

The Q-series features 200 lumens per watt (lm/W) of light efficacy, which is the highest efficacy level among current LED linear modules. The new modules are the first to incorporate the LM301B, Samsung’s recently announced mid-power LED package.

This allows LED lighting fixtures using the new modules to reach more than 150lm/W, enabled through an optical efficiency level of approximately 86 percent and LED driver efficiency of about 88 percent. The Q-series’ performance levels are ideally suited to meet DLC** Premium technical standards, which require higher efficacy and lumen maintenance specifications than the DLC Standard classification.

The new Q-series modules come in one-, two- and four-foot sizes, and can be combined linearly to achieve any desired length. There are two sets of modules: Q-series modules for the North American market are UL certified, while those for the European market have CE certification.

With the addition of the premium Q-series line-up, Samsung now offers five families of LED lighting modules (Q-, H-, M-, S- and V-series) to meet most indoor LED lighting needs. The Q-series has the same form factor as Samsung’s other modules for easy retrofitting with existing LED luminaires and is now available through Samsung’s worldwide LED sales network.

Samsung’s Q-series line-up includes:

(@ tp = 40 ºC, 4000K)

RegionTypeModelLuminous FluxEfficacy Conditions
US4 ft.LT-QB22A4,000 lm203 lm/W450 mA, 43.8 V
2 ft.LT-Q562A2,000 lm450 mA, 21.9 V
1 ft.LT-Q282A1,000 lm450 mA, 11.0 V
Europe2 ft.LT-Q562B2,000 lm180 mA, 54.8 V
1 ft.LT-Q282B1,000 lm180 mA, 27.4 V


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