, Triumph in Berlin: Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler repeats home victory in Formula E
, Triumph in Berlin: Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler repeats home victory in Formula E

Proximal Flow Sensors Now Available for Neonatal Applications

Sensirion, the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality sensors and sensor solutions for flow measurement and control and the regulation of environmental parameters, will be attending the MD&M West 2017 trade fair in order to present a proximal flow sensor for flow measurements in respiratory applications used in neonatology and pediatrics. This fully calibrated SFM3400 sensor is available as a single-use and reusable solution, and is highly robust, accurate and extremely fast in processing signals. It is ideally suited for OEM applications in medical ventilation and anesthesia for newborns and babies.

Sensirion is launching the SFM3400 flow sensor, a proximal sensor for flow rates of up to 33 slm, making it suitable for use in the neonatology and pediatric care segments. The digital SFM3400 is fully bi-directionally calibrated, extremely accurate and robust, and has a fast signal processing time. The special design of the flow channel results in minimal dead space (<1 ml), while the slightly increased pressure drop ensures extremely high stability in varying inlet conditions. The sensor can also be connected via medical cones to establish a pneumatic connection to the respiratory cycle. It has a mechanical interface for setting up a user-friendly electrical connection. Combined, these features make the new neonatal proximal flow sensor particularly suitable for proximal flow measurements in medical ventilation and anesthesia. It is also ideal for other neonatal OEM applications requiring proximal flow measurements.

The new flow sensor is available as both a single-use solution (SFM3400-D) and a reusable solution (SFM3400-AW). The reusable version is able to withstand autoclave procedures, making it washable, autoclavable and cleanable. Both sensor versions are fully calibrated, making recalibration unnecessary.

The SFM3400 mass flow meter completes Sensirion’s comprehensive product range for flow measurements in medical technology. Sensirion now offers various sensor products for inspiratory, expiratory and proximal applications that are used for ventilation, anesthesia, inhaler, drug delivery and metabolic measurement purposes. The product range also includes two proximal flow sensors to aid respiratory therapy in adults.

Visit booth 1491, Sensirion’s stand at the MD&M West trade fair, from 7 to 9 February 2017 in Anaheim, CA, USA, and find out more about the new proximal flow sensor for neonatal applications. More information is also available on the website: www.sensirion.com.


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