, Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC and Manchester City Bring Immersive Experiences to Fans with Intel True View
, Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC and Manchester City Bring Immersive Experiences to Fans with Intel True View

Maximum capacity, minimum space

The new HeatEvent heating and drying ovens from vötschtechnik

Munich, 8th November 2016 – Modern production processes demand the reliable, quick and energy-efficient thermal treatment of components and materials in the smallest possible space. The new HeatEvent heating and drying ovens enable reliable treatment at temperatures of up to 400 °C.

Consistent, quick and efficient processes

HeatEvent heating and drying ovens offer optimised heating performance and air exchange rates, thereby ensuring uniform temperatures of the entire chamber and short processing times with optimum results. Thanks to iE3 motors, improved insulation and the reliable door-sealing concept, the ovens operate with maximum energy efficiency.

Minimum space requirement, flexible configuration

The HeatEvent series makes use of the valuable experience gained from producing more than 200,000 heating and drying ovens. This allows an innovative design on the smallest possible footprint with the maximum possible usable space. The interior is fully accessible with the door open to 90° and the front access control cabinets.

Extensive basic equipment

The HeatEvent series is equipped as standard with the digital SiMPAC® measurement and control system. This facilitates simple operation and monitoring of the heating and drying oven, the creation of complex temperature programs and the automation of processes in accordance with AMS 2750E or CQI-9. Basic equipment also includes the innovative WEBSeason® user interface for programming and monitoring via a smartphone or tablet. High process reliability is achieved thanks to the safety concept, which consists of target temperature, individually adjustable test protection and comprehensive sensors.

Wide variety of models for a variety of requirements

HeatEvent heating and drying ovens are available in chamber volumes from 0.216 to 8m3. The standard temperature range is up to 220 °C and can be optionally extended to 400 °C if required. The time needed to heat up to 220 °C may vary between 18 and 35 minutes depending on the chamber volume. Special HeatEvent F models, which satisfy the advanced safety requirements of DIN EN 1539:2016-02, are available for drying combustible materials such as sizing varnishes, impregnating resins and surface coatings.

HeatEvent models can be individually configured and are easily adapted to suit changing requirements. They offer the world’s biggest selection of options and accessories.

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