, Formula E: Audi in the thick of the title race
, Formula E: Audi in the thick of the title race

ON Semiconductor’s ARX3A0 Image Sensor Wins World Electronics Achievement Award

SHENZHEN, China – Nov 8, 2019 – ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), driving energy efficient innovations, has won the Innovative Product of the Year award in the sensor category of the prestigious World Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAA) 2019 for its ARX3A0 CMOS image sensor.

The WEAA scheme honors products, companies and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the innovation and development of the electronics industry worldwide. Winners are selected by a committee comprising Aspencore editors and online users from Asia, the US and Europe. Aspencore is the largest electronics industry media and SaaS group in the world featuring media titles including EE Times and EDN.

The ARX3A0 is a breakthrough CMOS image sensor that provides a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. The miniature (1/10th inch optical format), ultra-low power device brings new design and performance opportunities for engineers developing, amongst other things, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, drones and robotics. The product has an innovative ‘super low power’ mode where just the sensor is active and the device draws less than 2.5 milliwatts (mW). This helps increase duty cycles while active, and allows the monitoring and detection of motion or a change in lighting conditions that then prompts the rest of the system to wakeup via a ‘Smart Wake’ function.

Being capable of capturing 360 frames per second (fps) means that, in many use cases, the ARX3A0 can behave like a global shutter sensor while still offering the same power, size, and performance benefits of a 2.2 µm rolling shutter pixel format. The sensor also includes a MIPI interface as standard.

Commenting on the award win, Gianluca Colli, Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Solution Division of Intelligent Sensor Group at ON Semiconductor, said: “The WEAA scheme is widely recognized in the industry for highlighting key products and technologies that will be true enablers for next generation designs in some of the most important and fast moving sectors. For this reason we are proud and excited that the ARX3A0, just one of many industry-leading devices from our image sensing portfolio, has been selected.”

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