, Innovative climate action – introducing the first credit card with a carbon spending limit
, Innovative climate action – introducing the first credit card with a carbon spending limit

Custom tailored Micro Coax Cables for high Speed Transmission

High resolution displays, CCD-Cameramodules and internal wiring often require special connections due to high datarates. ElectronAix delivers custom tailored cable assemblies with micro coaxial connectors and -wires to meet individual customer request, no matter if length, binding, connection or a mixed assembly of micro coax, twin coax or discrete wires. Also extended length >2m is possible.

High data rates in electronic designs challenge designers. For example in IPCs two PCB might be connected by a cable assembly. Once it comes to PCI express signals, standard assemblies are no more capable. But also other applications require data rates of sometimes 10Gbit/sec. and more.

ElectronAix is focused on the design and production of custom solutions. Customers define connector, length and binding and ElectronAix produces following this request.

Peter Stremmer, founder of ElectronAix has a strong focus on customer satisfaction: “A good performance for this type of cables can be only achieved, when the manufacturing process follows exactly the requirement of the connector. We manufacture 100% following the requirements of customers and connector makers, even when it’s 20 pages to be regarded.”

ElectronAix auto solders a wire range from AWG46 to AWG32. Mixed assemblies with micro coax, twin coax and discrete wires are possible but must be checked case by case. We can process all kind of micro coaxial connector from 0,25mm to 0,5m pitch.

The production is TS16949 and from I-Pex approved. Most steps are automated for high reliability and stability.

Additionally we can make a TDR-test for first articles or AQL-based to proof the performance of our cables.

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