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, Innovative climate action – introducing the first credit card with a carbon spending limit

NXP Triples Its 65 V LDMOS Offering for RF Power

MRFX Series Expands Application Possibilities for the Growing Smart Industrial Market

MADRID, Spain, Sept. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (European Microwave Week 2018) – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI) today introduced new RF power transistors designed for smart industrial applications, featuring the groundbreaking 65 V laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) silicon technology. With more power density, a lower current level and wider safety margins than previous RF power solutions, 65 V LDMOS enables more integrated, highly reliable Industry 4.0 systems that can now leverage the superior level of control that solid state enables, combined with a high degree of energy management.

The MRFX series of 65 V LDMOS devices targets industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications such as laser generation, plasma processing, magnetic-resonance imaging, skin treatment and diathermy, as well as the growing segment of RF Energy where transistors replace vacuum tubes in industrial heating machines. They are also designed for radio and TV broadcast transmitters.

“In less than a year, more than 100 customers have already adopted NXP’s 65 V LDMOS,” said Pierre Piel, senior director and general manager for multi-market RF power at NXP. “Beyond the performance leadership, it is the unprecedented availability of enabling tools that explains this success. Namely, NXP’s power blocks with easy to reproduce designs and available system and software enablement. That means simplified RF design and fast time to market, so our customers can focus on the core value of their products.”

65 V LDMOS made its debut in 2017 with the MRFX1K80H device, capable of 1800 W CW (continuous wave) in an air-cavity ceramic package. Many new reference circuits for the MRFX1K80H have since been designed, enabling RF designers to jump-start their development at 27, 64, 81.36, 87.5-108, 128, 175, 174-230 and 230 megahertz (MHz).

Focusing on ease of use to enable faster development time and design reuse from previous 50 V solutions, NXP recently added to its 65 V offering:

  • MRFX1K80N: 1800 W over-molded plastic package version of the MRFX1K80H device, enabling a 30% lower thermal resistance (0.06 °C / W).
  • MRFX600H: 600 W solution in a small footprint, featuring an unmatched 12.5-ohm output impedance to fit a 4:1 output transformer.
  • MRFX035H: 35 W driver of previous final-stage devices. It comes with an unmatched 50-ohm output impedance, for the most compact board layouts.

Power supply manufacturers are enabling 65 V solutions. ABB Embedded Power is developing a 3.5 kilowatt (kW), 65 V power supply unit to drive NXP transistors of the MRFX Series. “Our collaboration with NXP will make possible a new generation of robust RF systems that enable higher power applications reliably delivering high efficiency, flexibility, and control for faster development time,” said Jim Montgomery, Sr. Product Manager.

Availability and Development Support

All 27, 64, 81.36, 87.5-108, 128, 175, 174-230 and 230 MHz reference circuits for the MRFX1K80H are available. The MRFX600H transistor is released, supported by 87.5-108 MHz and 230 MHz reference circuits. The MRFX035H transistor is released, supported by 1.8-54 MHz, 30-512 MHz and 230 MHz reference circuits. For pricing or additional information, please contact your local NXP sales office or NXP approved distributor. All devices of the MRFX series are part of NXP’s 15-year Product Longevity Program.

For more information, visit www.nxp.com/65V.

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