, Driving Performance on land and on water: Stronger and lighter: the eleventh boat from Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing sets new benchmarks through extensive use of carbon-fibre
, Driving Performance on land and on water: Stronger and lighter: the eleventh boat from Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing sets new benchmarks through extensive use of carbon-fibre

NXP’s MIFARE 2GO and Google Pay Transform Public Transportation

NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI), a leader in secure connectivity solutions and inventor of MIFARE, the leading contactless payment and access solution for transportation used in over 750 cities worldwide, announced it has collaborated with Google to integrate NXP’s new MIFARE 2GO cloud service, a complete end-to-end solution that manages digitized MIFARE-based credentials onto mobile and wearable devices, with Google Pay.

The integration aims to provide an enjoyable travel experience for commuters allowing them to purchase a transport entitlement on their phone without delay, and simply place their phone on the terminal to ride. The Google Pay solution offers rich features such as a map of the transit stations related to their ticket and digital receipts of their travel history.

“At a time when people hail a ride with the push of a button, today’s travelers expect convenience, speed, and trip planning information, no matter how they travel. That’s why we’re so excited about the transformative potential of extending these same benefits to the millions of commuters worldwide who use public transit,” said Pali Bhat, Google’s Vice President of Payments Product Management. “By seamlessly integrating existing MIFARE product based fare payment solutions with Google Pay, transport agencies can provide travelers with a complete digital experience via their mobile devices. We believe this new integration provides a unique opportunity to create powerful new transaction and communication channels between public transit travelers and the systems they depend on.”

With over two billion active users, Android is the largest operating system in the world. Combining Google Pay with the security, flexibility and scalability of MIFARE products, this solution serves as a catalyst for the mobile transit experience, as it will be available for any consumer equipped with widely-available Android phones that support Near-Field Communication (NFC).

“At NXP, our mission is to deliver secure connected solutions that make our lives safer, and more enjoyable. Mobile MIFARE services empower people to benefit from a connected lifestyle by simply connecting devices to a rich set of city services,” said Rafael Sotomayor, senior vice president and general manager of Secure Transactions and Identifications at NXP. “This new solution from NXP and Google Pay is a major step forward in what is the future of transit and is a part of NXP’s relentless pursuit to bring secure, smart and scalable benefits to the hundreds of millions of public commuters served by the global MIFARE ecosystem.”

Scalable and Secure for Transit Agencies

MIFARE 2GO is designed to work with existing MIFARE contactless technology infrastructures and meet industry requirements for security and scalability. Available to transit agencies across the globe, its flexibility and efficiency allow public transport operators to define their fare concepts and provide additional value to their customers by integrating additional city services even if they are from third party providers (such as bike sharing, parking, etc.). Reduced cash handling and credential management costs make MIFARE 2GO an attractive solution for service providers. For more information about the MIFARE 2GO cloud service, please visit www.mifare.net/mifare2go.

NXP and Google have co-designed and recommend as the most effective security approach, a solution that can leverage hardware security in the form of a tamper-resistant Secure Element (SE) in combination with a cloud-based risk mitigation engine to provide the necessary security for mass adoption of this solution by transit agencies and OEMs.

For mobile devices, Common Criteria EAL5+ SE+NFC solutions from NXP can be used as a high-level security protection enclave. Offering high levels of security allows manufacturers and developers to mitigate the risk of breaches.

First Deployment of MIFARE 2GO with Google Pay in Las Vegas

The first deployment of this solution went live today with the Las Vegas Monorail. The rail system connects hotel resorts and major convention facilities along the Las Vegas Strip and carries a diverse global ridership base, exposing millions of customers annually to this new transit purchasing and information experience. The Monorail has a partnership history with NXP when the companies collaborated to implement the first-ever integration of transit fare into a convention badge during CES 2017.

“We’re so pleased to work with NXP again and introduce yet another global first in the world of transit rider experience and fare integration,” said Ingrid Reisman, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Las Vegas Monorail Company. “We have a unique system located in one of the most exciting destinations in the world, and we are always looking for new innovations that exceed expectations and add to a positive Las Vegas experience.”

NXP Secure Mobile Transit Solutions

Mobile transit enablement is part of NXP’s mission to bring seamless and connected experiences to consumers. It is the only company in the world that can provide a complete end-end solution for a mobile wallet which includes NFC hardware and software, embedded Secure Element hardware, Java Card OS, Applets, Trust Provisioning Services for security, and provisioning services for payment, transit and other applications. Across the world, NXP has several successful smart mobile transit implementations of secure tap-to-pay use cases as well as proven secure, scalable MIFARE deployments.

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