, Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC and Manchester City Bring Immersive Experiences to Fans with Intel True View
, Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC and Manchester City Bring Immersive Experiences to Fans with Intel True View

Single-Chip Custom Solutions for the IoT Edge

S3 Semiconductors, announced today the introduction of its SmartEdge™ Platform, giving its customers access to cost-optimized, custom single-chip solutions that put performance right at the edge of the IoT. Processing at the Edge is a rapidly evolving trend that accelerates data analytics at the source and reduces cloud-based processing, delivering more responsive decision making.

ASICs based on the SmartEdge Platform provide a competitive advantage over multi electronic component solutions by delivering higher performance and reduced system power through increased integration, while also lowering the total BoM cost.

According to recent industry reports, more than half of the data usage in IoT is now  processed at the Edge by autonomous devices. These devices typically require sensitive sensor AFEs (Analog Front Ends) coupled to data converters, microcontrollers running complex embedded software, with security and some form of wired or wireless communications interface. Bringing all of these functions together, often with the need for local calibration and low-latency real-time control, represents a significant design and integration challenge.

The SmartEdge Platform provides a unique cost-effective way to integrate sensing, calibrating, controlling and communication functions into a single ASIC. This level of integration delivers higher overall performance, particularly when moving between the analog and digital domains, while also bringing down the system power budget. For autonomous edge devices expected to operate for many years from a single battery, a SmartEdge solution will provide significant benefits.

“We understand the challenges of developing IoT edge devices that operate within a performance window and power budget,” said Darren Hobbs, Director of Marketing and Strategy, S3 Semiconductors. “The SmartEdge Platform enables OEMs to create an optimized single-chip solution that meets their specific requirements while offering significant engineering and commercial advantages over existing, non-optimal solutions.”

The SmartEdge Platform brings together all of S3 Semiconductor’s expertise in creating custom ASICs, drawing on its portfolio of proven IP. It is offered with full design support and access to the industry-leading technology that makes S3 Semiconductors a leader in custom ASIC design and manufacture. To find out more, see our demo at S3 Semiconductors in Hall 3/3-230 at Embedded World 2018, and attend our paper at Session 33 on Thursday 1st of March. Alternatively, visit https://www.s3semi.com/smartedge

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