, Innovative climate action – introducing the first credit card with a carbon spending limit
, Innovative climate action – introducing the first credit card with a carbon spending limit

HEITEC Emphasizes Industry Expertise Top-of-the-range chassis systems

HEITEC offers customers a comprehensive chassis technology portfolio. In addition to components for complete 19” packaging systems, the product range includes instrument cases and system enclosures as well as an extensive line of accessories.

The 19” subracks in the HeiPac Vario series permit a wide range of application options with a minimum of components. The modular concept is based on the same horizontal rails and system components for all subracks. The difference lies in the design of the side panels and installation options. All subracks are shock and vibration-tested and comply with IEC 60 297-3-101, 102 and 103.

19” for tough, mobile applications

19” subracks are especially suited for mobile applications and tough ambient conditions where robustness and reliability requirements are high. For such applications, HEITEC has developed the HeiPac Vario HEAVY subrack system, which features higher mechanical strength and is shock and vibration-tested in accordance with EN 50 155 and DIN EN 61587-2. Thanks to the horizontal rails with double screw fastening and reinforced mounting flange, the HEAVY versions are also certified for use in railway applications. The subracks are available with a height of 3 and 6 U and can accommodate standard PCBs up to 220 mm depth with the possibility of rear mounting for installation of backplanes. An EMC version is also optionally available.

Instrument cases and system enclosures

HEITEC chassis in the HeiCase family are ideal for the installation of 19” technology as well as individual configurations. Equipped with optional wheels and carrying handles, the “mini cabinet” is particularly easy to transport, making it suitable for stationary and mobile applications. The chassis, certified in accordance with IEC 60 297-3 and in protection category IP 42, can be configured with 1 to 12 U as a standard product – or customized to a height of up to 30 U – and with a depth of 300 to 540 mm for a 19” or ½ 19” installation width – or in customized versions with a depth of up to 900 mm. The extruded aluminium sections lend a high degree of stability to the chassis, which is optionally upgradable to a tower version. In addition to the three standard colors for decorative elements, individual coloring is also possible. Due to its solid structure, the HeiCase family meets the requirements for robust instrument cases and system enclosures with scalable interior and exterior installations. The maxi-versions are suitable for applications of high packaging density or as a mobile alternative to cabinets.


Besides complete subrack and system solutions, HEITEC offers a wide range of individual components and accessories for setup, mounting, and upgrade. These include various side panels and flanges, horizontal rails, components for EMC installation, guide rails, covers, front panels, handles, cassettes, and assembly parts. A variety of ventilation components and power supplies is also available.

The entire chassis technology program is presented extensively and in great detail in the new “Chassis Technology” catalogue from HEITEC, available in a printable version and online for download from www.heitec-eps.com.


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